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Go Launcher Themes & Icon Packs For Android 2018

Go Launcher Themes & Icon Packs For Android 2018

Go Launcher Themes are some of the highly used Android-based themes in the world, the reason being Go launcher is one among the best android launchers. A majority are in complete awe of what this standalone app has to provide its wide user base. While it is true that Go Launcher comes with its own set of themes and wallpaper selection, most of which are available for free, and even paid, there is still a wide market of third-party themes that flood the Google Play Store. In case you are wondering, they bring a great deal of attractiveness to the device. As with any Android app, the Go Launcher themes and icon packs can be applied on both mobile phones and tablets. They are mostly lightweight but deliver a heavy graphical interface, giving a rich and stylish look to your handset. Let us now dive into the Go Launcher Themes & icon packs for android 2018. Shall we?

Best Go Launcher Themes & Icon Packs 2018


1. Music Life

Music Life is a Go Launcher theme available for download from the Google Play Store free of charge. To apply this theme, simply tap the app icon, and then, click to begin. Then press the button Set Active Theme and go back to the home screen to see the changes applied to your entire phone.

Music Life theme


  • The theme is cool, and trendy, though not very professional for someone who works at a serious place. Most suitable for college goers or teenagers.
  • It is specially designed for Go Launcher Z, and supplements delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface.
  • Also, this may be just 1 theme but it comes with 2 wallpapers.

2. Dia de Los Muertos

For those of you who have seen the most recent James Bond movie SPECTRE, Dia de Los Muertos may just be the festival you have been hoping to attend at some point in time of your life. And what’s more intriguing is during the Halloween you can actually don the make-up of a Zombie or a skeleton and have a matching theme on your phone to go with

Dia de Los Muertos

My personal favorite and an absolutely alluring app, Dia de Los Muertos is a fantastic app that you would want to have in 2017.


  • It is specially designed for Go Launcher EX and allows delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder, and app drawer interface.
  • Changes the app icons and the user interface to impeccable contrast the theme wallpaper

3. Graffiti


For those of you who like wall art, also known as Graffiti, then you are surely going to love this Go Launcher Theme. The theme is neatly colorful and artsy and looks very realistic.


  • There are several wallpapers that you can alter, and icon packs literally follow the same theme, unless otherwise changed.
  • You can keep the Graffiti theme and yet have icons from a different theme that you like, like Pasty Free.

4. Lion Go Launcher Theme

For those of you who like fantasy novels or movies, this theme might be the best fit for you. It shows a ferocious White Lion, in a beautifully crafted background with intense graphical content. Also, the icons transform into a perfect mystic type.

Lion Go Launcher Theme

You can also change the wallpaper around and create an extensive number of display options for yourself.


  • Inclusive of delicate app icons, wallpapers, folders.
  • Also, it contains a cleaner app drawer interface which the users cannot escape.

5. Blackboard

The app reminds you of the happy days you had in your classroom. It literally clubs in the memories of childhood with chalk sketches for app icons. It is favorite of many and supports multiple wallpapers.

Blackboard theme

For this purpose, I have used a wallpaper from a third-party app called Wallrox, which is considered the best if you want to get out-of-the-box wallpaper for your Android device. I picked Batsup this time, which you can find under Special Edition menu item.


  • This theme gives a comical and lighthearted edge as compared to others.
  • Not highly graphical which is a good thing because it maintains a simpler and non-flashy visual on the user’s eyes.

How to apply Go launcher themes on Android?

There are two ways in which Go Launcher Themes can be applied to your Android device. They are listed as under-

1. Go Launcher comes with a Themes app downloaded to your Home Screen. Just tap the app icon, and then browse through the many themes available categorized under Home, Hot, Top Free, Top Paid, & Wallpaper at the top. At the bottom, you will find themes based on most used categories, such as Launcher apps, SMS, Locker, Weather, and Keyboard. Just tap on any that you like, and you will see a button with Download written on it, tap that, and you will be taken to the Play Store wherein you can download it in the form of an app, and apply it to your device.

Alternatively, you can design your own theme too! Go to the Themes app of Go Launcher and on the bottom right-hand side, you will see a floating paintbrush, tap it once. Then you will see an app named DIY THEMES open which will have an open Create written in the middle of the screen, tap on it. Doing so opens a whole range of themes that are pre-defined just pick any that you like, and it will be applied to your phone immediately, along with the icon packs.

2. The second way is to download a theme of your choice directly from the Google Play Store. There are tons of options that you are definitely going to like, and some of which are listed below.

Besides, applying themes, you can also add stunning effects to your device, which comes as a part of Go Launcher when you install it. If you are happy with your interface, you can still use Go Launcher and have with special effects. Simply tap on the Effect app icon on the Home Screen to give stunning effects to your phone. You can add widgets, apps, wallpapers, and effects. Choose from a wide range of possibilities that you had not unleashed before.

Other special features of Go Launcher Themes

The Go Launcher app comes with a specific set of non-standalone apps which work with all Go Launcher themes and wallpapers and effects.

In many ways, Go Launcher is close to perfection as compared to Nova Launcher, for example. It comes with useful apps like Dr. Clean which speeds up your phone processing speed, Change Style which transforms the style of your interface, including app icons, Go Family app, wherein you can subscribe and get other features offered by the makers of Go Launcher, Z Camera, Music Player, and a Tools app that takes you to the back-end operations of Go Launcher and allows you to change Font type, Font size, and other essential features. To lock the Android device with double-tap you need to install a Lock screen apps, that works in accordance with Go Launcher, it works on all the themes, wallpapers, and effects.

If you know about Nova Launcher (I think you’re), you should check out our list some great nova launcher themes. And don’t forget to go through the list of nova launcher tips and tricks by clicking here.


This was our best selection of Go Launcher themes & icon packs for Android, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section, and spread the word about this article with everybody you know.

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